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May 28, 2019
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Back Pain, Hip pain

For years I have suffered from chronic back & hip pain. A week before I saw Julia I had to go to A&E & they prescribed me Codeine which is not only very addictive but gives you bowel dysfunction. Fed up of conventional NHS practice & strong drugs I decided it was time to try out acupuncture. After only 3 sessions, I have felt great & it's actually just as effective as the Codeine but without the negative side effects. I highly recommend the practice as it not only gets rid of any physical pain but also helps you mentally by making you feel more relaxed. A lot of back pain is psychosomatic & acupuncture helps reduce any anxieties/stress. The only side effects of acupuncture are that you feel very hungry & tired after a session so I would advise against doing any exercise/work after a session. However it does means you sleep like a baby 😊 Regarding the needles, the pain is very minimal, in fact, sometimes I can't even feel them being inserted so I wouldn't worry about that. However, please take note that the pain relief isn't as instant as taking a pill & can depend on the person so I would advise booking a couple of sessions before you feel the full effects.

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