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July 12, 2018
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I have never been a fan of the medical system & never saw a doctor throughout my entire childhood...I can guarantee that if I had gone in for a diagnosis, by the age of 35, surely I would have been “diagnosed” with one of their awful Disease names...

My symptoms began at the age of 6...I suffered from debilitating left leg pain which kept me awake many nights, affected my daily activities, moods & wellbeing... I can not describe how much it hurt, I would often be awake, alone, crying in the middle of the night.

I saw several doctors in my 20s for this pain only to be prescribed Tylenol 3s, sleeping pills & birth control... even the nerve specialist couldn’t help me, he told me I had a dead nerve in my leg & to take pain medication for the rest of my life...

In high school I took a Hepatitis B vaccine which I blacked out from & had to lay down for a few hours until I could see & walk again. Looking back I realize it was around this time my eyesight became worse, I lost my motivation & concentration which brought me down socially & academically. 

What contributed to my symptoms becoming increasingly worse throughout my life?

•Hepatitis B vaccine

•Pharmaceutical use

•2 major car accidents that I suffered head trauma & broken bones

•poor diet 

•alcohol consumption 

•traumatic life situations 

What symptoms did I suffer & heal from ?

•chronic fatigue 

•nail biting

•cysts all over my legs

•skin rashes/age spots

•skin tags

•varicose veins

•severe depression & terrible thoughts

•poor eyesight

•migraine headaches weekly

•itchy / dry scalp & skin


•thinning eyebrows


•anger issues

I had one incident on a trip to Italy in 2008 when I was riding in a car to the store. When we got there I began to feel very strange & my body was tingling all over... when I walked into the store I suddenly lost motor skills & my whole body went numb, I just sat there not able to communicate took awhile to regain the ability to walk & talk again... for the rest of that evening my body tingled & remained numb... it was very frightening...

I was at my worst health wise at the age of 35... my family had a small 7 acre organic farm. We had our own grass fed beef, chickens, organic eggs & raw milk from our jersey cow. This was when my migraine headaches were worse than ever & I would go into states of hopeless depression where I would cry for hours on end...

I was sitting on the couch about 5 years ago living at the farm, & I suddenly could not get up. My whole body just didn’t want to work. My whole body hurt...When I finally could get up, I could hardly move or walk properly:..I was shuffling around... this went on for days until I made it to a chiropractor who made adjustments to get my body to function again

It was after this incident that I began questioning my diet that I had once believed was the healthiest available...


A short time later, a book named The PH Miracle by Dr. Young made its way into my life... after reading this book it became apparent that meat, dairy & eggs should be cut out of my diet as they are acidic foods.

This was a huge step to take given my farm living circumstances... we were attempting to make a living from the meats, raw milks, eggs & products we produced from the land.

I cut these products from my diet & a short time later sold the farm as it became a pointless & harmful endeavour to continue...If I wasn’t going to eat the stuff, why feed it to other people? That would just be cruel!

I began to feel a sense of health & clarity... then I came across Arnold Ehrets book Rational Fasting & it blew me away (the most important book I’ve read in my entire life) I incorporated fasting into my routine which brought me even closer to health. It wasn’t until I came across Dr Robert Morse that I began to develop a deeper understanding of the necessary detoxification process that the body must go through & the importance of fruits & herbs...

To sum up what I did to get well ...

I spent 2 years on a mucus - lean diet with frequent enemas when I first took meat, dairy, eggs & grains out of my diet...

This mucus - lean diet consisted of steamed veggies, salads, nuts & nut butters, dried fruits, fresh fruits, coconut bread & raw veggies...I never ate out & I never ate foods other than the ones listed...

During those 2 years I slowly eliminated the nuts & the coconut bread from my diet...

After 2 years I transitioned naturally over to a raw food diet which included greens, fruits, raw veggie fruits & plant fats such as avocados...

I felt great... better than ever .... however, I did go through many ups & downs...many periods of feeling bad while old symptoms resurfaced to heal...I even eliminated parasites & mucoid plaque...I was aware of the process & expected it, so I just went through it & accepted it all as part of the healing process with gratitude...

After 3 months of raw, I cut the plant fats out & this is the point where I noticed my body began to heal more rapidly & the cysts began to fade...

Fats hold the body back from healing deeper issues...

I did 1 round of Dr. Morses tinctures (kidney, brain & nerve, lymphatic ) & 2 bags of the heal all tea... And 1 parasite tincture from Finland pharmacy...I also incorporated nightly dry brushing & a 15 minute rebound on the days I felt really good...

I still have a ways to go on this healing journey, but I’ve experienced enough proof to know that I am on the correct diet to allow my body to heal...

My kidneys have shown a moderate amount of filtration in the last couple of months....I expect I’ll see more in the coming months...

When we eat outside of our species specific diet of fruits & vegetables we pay a price with our health...

For myself, I will never return to the foods that left me with pain & hardship...(meat, dairy, grains, eggs)...

I now feel calm, anxiety & pain free with mental clarity like I’ve never dreams and memory are back... I am not the same girl that I once was & I am truly grateful for that...

And so the journey continues... I am in love with fruits, herbs, health & vitality!! I’ve reversed many symptoms, I still have a ways to go as I am a particularly difficult case due to neurological involvement... I am looking forward to reading other success stories ... 

EXPERT I'd like to thank: Dr. Robert Morse

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