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August 02, 2019
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Peter Harvey is a very knowledgeable and skilled acupuncturist. I tried acupuncture as a last resort for fibromyalgia pain in my hip that caused me to limp for a year. I was an absolute skeptic. When I got off the table the pain was gone.

I also have trigeminal neuralgia. Peter was confident that he could help with that pain. Knowing that they call TN the "suicide disease" for a reason, I was certain that there was no way he could help me with this. Much to my utter surprise, after tweaking the needles a few times, the pain disappeared. I am now a believer. As long as I am vigilant about coming in for maintenance treatments, the pain is kept in check. I was also able to reduce my medication from 800 mg a day to 75mg.

I highly recommend Eastern Healing.

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