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September 06, 2018
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My Dad was diagnosed few months ago in April  2018 with cancer. Likely source :tiny lung tumor. we know is that he has 3 tumours in on his brain and 1 in lungs. Most likely the first one was in lungs and then spread to brain 😢 . Brain tumor was the reason how we spotted that something is wrong as all of a sudden my otherwise healthy dad started to have problems with finding correct words too use etc. That was apparently caused by swelling of his brain. He then was given steroid drug to use and with the use of that his speech returned to normal. He then was sent for further tests etc. He was given few sessions of radiation treatment about a month ago and felt OK until about 2 weeks ago when issues with his speech started to return slowly, slowly... In a meantime he also had some test done with a use of isotopes injected two his body (apparently to recognise type of tumours in the scan) and that test destroyed him. He was sleeping for a day after that test and his issues with speech worsen :( it has been 4 days since the test now. He feels better but still struggle with speech. Yesterday he was told to increase dosage of steroid he is taking to try to control swelling in the brain. At the same time his blood tests came back showing very low level of sodium (which in itself can cause brain swelling as I found out during research) + I think this could be some late side effects of radiation treatment...

The most dangerous Mets in his brain paralysing him more and more each day. He lost ability to speak and read. Had no longer any control oven right side of the body. He was just lying in bed, mostly unconscious no longer able to recognise people.. We were told by doctors that he might die at any moment and there is NO hope. I was so desperate as we were doing so many things and nothing seem to work.



Right after the diagnosis, we switched to whole food vegan Diet ( I have been vegan nearly all my life), juicing, high doses of vitamin c, wheatgrass juicing, supplementing with medicinal mushrooms.. . I will now also add iodine to his regime. the low level of sodium is worrying me as I did not think it would happen on such a healthy diet 😥 anyone knows how to supplement it better? We are for now adding a bit of sea salt to his juices. So something has started to change... Juicing, whole food plant based diet, wheatgrass, b17,essential oils, beta glucan, lipoic acid, artemisin, Essiac tea... So many more and nothing!!! The tumour IN his head would just grow and grow killing my dad more every day 😟😟 until 10 days ago when after 3 days long coma he woke up (after doctor said that pupil no longer reacts to light and simply he is unlikely to ever wake up). He started to regain power oven his right side... Started to walk and today all of a sudden he was able to talk and read AGAIN for the first time in 2 months. Full sentences! After months of struggling to produce a word! SOMETHING HAS STARTED TO WORK AT LAST. I do not know what is working but something is so we will carry on.. I know it's early days and things might change BUT this is just amazing. We will follow what we are doing and add more things. To those who struggle : do not give up. Change might happen when you least expect it. Until there is life, there is a hope!!! We will continue fighting!


Thank you all for your support. I shared this with you because I know how it feels when you do everything possible yet nothing seem to work. How frustrating and sad it is. How lonely does it feel... I just wanted to give hope and encouragement to those who needs it. If my post made your day better, gave you courage or hope - then this is all I wanted ♥ KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!

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