My Chronic Pain has Disappeared with Acupuncture

Sarah Dobson

Sarah Dobson


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Chronic Pain





Just to say thank you! I can only try to put into words how grateful I am to Emma for everything she has done for me. From the very first appointment and every single step along the way, she has made me feel so special and cared for I feel like it was impossible for me to not benefit from the process even without the acupuncture bit!
She always remembers the little things, from how many pillows you like to what plans you had a week last Saturday! And the little chats we would have before the relaxation part would always lift my spirits and put me in a good mood!
Emma's knowledge is unbelievable and the way she explains how things work is fascinating and makes so much sense, you really start to see things a different way and realize how things within the body logically affect other parts.
The acupuncture itself was an amazing experience and the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. I looked forward every week to my appointments and saw them as a real treat for myself, the health benefits and the fact I am pretty much symptom-free were a bonus really! :)
I am absolutely convinced acupuncture is an amazingly effective treatment that absolutely works. The way I feel just six weeks down the line was worth every penny and I truly feel that having Emma provide the service with all her knowledge and genuine care only added to this amazing experience.

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