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May 29, 2019
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Muscloskeletal Pain

I have trauma from a significant car accident 15 years ago, I had a traumatic birth with my son 3 years ago and I also have Meniere's Disease and read that chiro treatments could help relieve symptoms. These last 3 years, I have noticed my body "falling apart" as in, gradually accumulating more aches and pains. Upon my first visit, I was impressed that everything Dr. Waters noticed about my spine aligned with what I was experiencing in both my self-observations and pains. Dr. Waters does an excellent job using soft tissue therapy to help my supporting muscles relax before and after adjustments. After my first visit, I immediately noticed it took me a lot less effort to correct my posture. Flexibility in my neck has also improved and overall, my body feels much better and balanced. I am also sleeping better. The symptoms of Meniere's have improved a bit after each adjustment as well. I will be continuing chiro treatments for maintenance and to see if I can keep the Meniere's symptoms under control. Dr. Waters is also very personable and was just fine with me bringing my 3 yo to my appointment. She was inviting and had toys ready for him when he came.

Chiropractor: Baker Chiropractic & Acupuncture, LLC - Kansas City, MO

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