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August 29, 2018
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My Autoimmune disorders have gone in remission with Functional Medicine



I have success with my gut issues, they are actually under control and I have never felt better. I am using 2 different types of supplements and oils, however I feel conflicted if I post what they are for being associated with them since I purchase and use regularly...I don't want to be in violation of any rules. But there is relief out there keep searching and talking to natural health providers...that is where I learned of these products.

Doctors here couldn't help me but after 6 months of treatment it as been almost a year and a half later I'm so much better, is it a blessing from above and relief and overcoming this is possible.

What products do I use to help myself?

Here are the brand's that I used: young living, nature's sunshine, plexus and organic garlic. I am no way trying to sell but just listing product brand's that helped me.

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