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February 28, 2020
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I can't remember when I first started coming to Metta Yoga, but I'm so happy I discovered it when I did. Laura's passion and her ability to teach and spread the love and grounding vibrations of Metta Yoga is incredible. I've never found a studio before or since that I have felt more connected with- mind, body, and soul. Laura is a wonderful teacher and makes yoga accessible for anyone - the beginner, the master, the stressed and the unflexible. I have learned SO MUCH about yoga through Laura's teachings, and I guarantee Laura still has so much more to teach me!

I found Metta during a very high anxiety time in my life and the practice there was so transformative, it's a shelter of sanctity.

I have since moved away from Massachusetts but any time I'm home I make sure to attend as many classes as I can. I could not recommend Metta strongly enough - there is no other place like it. Deepen your practice spiritually and physically and join the Metta community!

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