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August 02, 2019
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Allergies, Lymphedema, Sinusitis

Julianne is absolutely the best! I could write pages on how much she has helped my daughter and I. I have suffered from Lyme disease and adrenal failure, as well as a lifetime of severe allergies/sinus issues and frequent bronchitis in the past. I have been fortunate to have been exposed to eastern medicine, as this has literally saved my life. My healing has been a long journey (with others who have helped me along the way), but Julianne has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life over the past few months. My journey has been exhausting and very difficult. I love my life but did not have the energy or stamina to truly enjoy it due to my symptoms and on-going illnesses. Although this journey will continue, I have felt so much better in the past couple of months than I have felt in a long time. I have energy, am clear-headed, no pain, and actually, feel joy. I had forgotten what it felt like to truly "live" and "enjoy" my days vs just trying to make it through them. I am thankful every day for Julianne and her ability to heal. We are lucky to have someone with her skill set in our local area (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and supplements, N.A.E.T., N.E.T., manual muscle/energy testing, etc), as she addresses the whole body, mind, and spirit. Julianne also treats my 5-year-old daughter for allergies and whenever she becomes ill. She is our "go-to" person whenever we are sick and always helps us to feel better. My daughter even lets her do acupuncture on her, as she is very calm and soothing and has a great bedside manner. She will even request to go see her when she is not feeling well. Julianne is very compassionate and goes above and beyond to heal others. She treats the root of the problem and helps your body to learn to heal itself again. I would highly recommend going to see her for whatever ails you. She is amazing!

Acupuncturist: Balanced Healing of Jacksonville

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