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May 22, 2019
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I went to see Louise, my Acupuncturist in October 2014 after 2 miscarriages and 1 failed round of IVF. My dream of having my own child was strong and I was struggling to think of what to try next to make this dream come true.

When I went to see Louise, we had a thorough consultation and Louise was the first and only person to link my terribly painful periods to the recurring miscarriage and failed IVF. I had had Asherman’s Syndrome, where my womb was stuck together due to scar tissue (perhaps caused by the very first D&C) but this was solved through two minor keyhole operations. However, these operations did not improve my period pains and I had to continue to plan my life around a day in bed each month. My period pains were diagnosed to be Adenomyosis, like Endometriosis but on the inside of the uterus.


Louise advised that acupuncture focusing on the blood flow would be the direction to take. We had regular sessions and these were topped up by Chinese herbs which I drank each day. Miraculously, where Western Medicine had failed to find a solution, acupuncture made the monthly period pains disappear! It was simply amazing to have a regular, pain free period again that doesn’t interrupt life!

Having made this happen, Louise continued to stimulate my blood flow in occasional treatments but now with a focus on fertility, again topped-up with Chinese herbs. Being over 40,my chances of conceiving naturally were minimal but I did get pregnant again - sadly this also ended in a miscarriage. We continued our quest in the same way, building up the blood flow and nourishing the blood and the lining of my womb. I am delighted to say that this story has a very happy ending! At the age of 42 I conceived, and as I write this I am 38 weeks into a healthy pregnancy and waiting for THE day when I get to meet my baby and for my dream to come true.

Louise has supported me during this pregnancy with her acupuncture and Chinese herbs, nourishing the baby and me all the way through. We are now at the stage where Louise is preparing me for birth. 
I know that without Louise’s acupuncture, I would have never been in this position now and I can only recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who finds themselves in this situation. I cannot thank her enough for getting me here.

Acupuncturist: Louise Stevens


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