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August 29, 2018
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My 83 year old mother has an ovarian tumor for at least 20 years. It wasn't cancer initially, but she was told it could eventually turn cancerous. So, she left it alone until it started causing pain.

No biopsy. She is 83 and I did not want to chance biopsying it. She has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (CPOD) and emphysema and many doctors don't want to risk anesthesia. So what's the point? They said it looked like dying tissue. I don't know how they determined that, but it was written on the report. Of course, as oncologists, they did blood work used to help diagnose. Her markers were slightly elevated, but my research showed that medications can cause that. I mentioned that to the doctor and he agreed. He said the only way to know for sure that it is not cancer, or if cancer is growing behind it, was to take it out and biopsy it. I said no. The risks for her are too great.


We did lot of research and  I started her on Essiac. She has been on Essiac about 4 years now and brews it from fresh herbs herself. 1.5 years ago she had ultrasounds and a MRI done. It showed that the tumor was dying tissue. So, she stays on the Essiac. You need to know that everyone is different, and all there are so many kinds of cancer. You should never, ever rely on just one treatment protocol. You should be doing several simultaneously. She just continues with Essiac. She did the Budwig Protocol for a few months too about three years ago. Never rely on Essiac alone. Always do as many protocols simultaneously as you can.

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