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September 08, 2018
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My dear mother-in-law landed in the hospital 1 year ago. After 12 days at 77 she had to be helped out of bed to get on bedside potty. While she was there she received the dreaded news….LUNG CANCER….My dear mother-in-law wasn’t even close to being strong enough to survive surgery or chemo. Thankfully her daughter Penni and I have had the incredible experiences of witnessing natural treatments work absolute wonders for people with no hope and sent home to die with what the oncologist called terminal cancer. So knowing this we brought her home to stay with us and started her on one of the crown jewels of cancer treatments the president of independent cancer research foundation Webster Kerr calls the treatment CELLECT BUDWIG.



Poor Miss Dora was also suffering with end stage emphysema and on oxygen. Her oxygen saturation was 92 when we started the treatment. My dear mother-in-law trusted us on the research we had done and took everything we handed her and stayed in good spirits. As usual on this treatment she made an immediate turnaround. Before long she was walking on her on all over the property. This wonderful treatment she was on enabled her to get off all her pharmaceutical drugs incredibly in one month. Which included 10 years of pain pills every single day, 3 different medications for high blood pressure and fluid which she had been on for 57 years. She had been diagnosed with Ct scan and biopsy. As usual this treatment stopped the tumor in her LUNG dead in its tracks. She’s had 3 scans since then and as for as we can tell the tumor has never grown any more and the last scan showed considerable shrinkage. My mother-in-law is still full of life and went home nearly 6 months ago to take care of her son which was very ill. Incredibly even with her severe emphysema this treatment has enabled her to go all day without oxygen. My dear mother-in-law is going to outlive us all. This is her own Mother’s Day she is now 78. She is now busy buying a double wide trailer.

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