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August 30, 2018
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My Son was Diagnosed at 9 years old with Stage 4 Ependynoblastoma in the 4th Ventrical posterior fossa the size of a tennis ball and another one in the frontal lobe size of a dime. He was giving a few weeks to live if he survived the surgery which took 12 hours to remove the large brain tumor. The surgery was successful Thank God for Neurosurgeon Glenn Morrison and answered prayers. After surgery a few days later he had to get a VP Shunt. Following that surgery he couldn't see, walk, talk was told he would be a vegetable kept him and everyone around with a positive attitude no negative energy around him even though I was told to tell him he was gonna die that he had aggressive cancer no way. I was gonna say that to my child any child. I didn't want him to give up, surrender, tap out!! Only God knows when it's your time to go. Never give up!! He had to start from a newborn learn how to walk, talk, feed himself, learn his ABC, Dr. Horn in Oncologist wanted him to receive year of Chemotherapy. I asked her what chance does he have with Chemo? Her answer we don't really know maybe 10% chance. I refused Dr. Horn got really angry said how could you live with yourself if you don't give him Chemo and he dies. I told her I went to a Brain Tumor Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Which I heard from a survivor not to give him Chemo gave me printouts of the Dangers and Horrible side effects and how it only keeps the cancer dormant then it explodes. I said how could I poison him with all these toxins and he suffers a horrible death!! I asked her if it was her son God forbid going thru this would you give him Chemo? She said we are not here to discuss my son!! Three weeks later my son had a follow up appt. with her she had transferred to another state never saw her again. So My Son never received Chemo Thank God. The surgeon told me that the tumor in the frontal lobe could not be surgically removed because he would be permanently blind he recommended radiation so my son got 3 months of radiation therapy. His skin was burned his hair fell off. He got shingles. Once all that passed. He was walking talking eating went back to school had to repeat second grade. Having Faith in the Lord, on NO medications, Eating Healthy, Exercising, Staying Positive, Listening to Ravi Zacharias teaching, I didn't know radiation would do so much damage to his growth and brain cells. Last year after being cancer free for 24 years later he would develop another Brain tumor right frontal Menengioma the Neurosurgeon said it was caused by maximum radiation. It was a nightmare because he was so healthy doing great physically and mentally. The surgery to remove the meningioma caused a lot of damage he was in ICU and his VP Shunt was damaged which had to be replaced twice so he had 5 Brain surgeries within one month the doctors had no hope didn't think he would make it. We had to start from the beginning couldn't see, walk, talk had no control of bowel function. With Lots of Hope & Prayers And Amazing Physical & Occupational Therapist he gained his body functions & mind restored. Then four months later he was back in the hospital the old VP Shunt that was removed caused a Brain Infection. So he was in the Hospital for 1 month on strong IV Antibiotics Vancomycin which he had severe side effects caused him to have seizures for the first time. I begged the doctors to take him off the Vancomycin which they denied my request I asked for High Doses of Vitamin C IV Therapy and B17. Which they refused so they sent him home with a wheelchair and seizure meds.



What do I recommend?

So finally he is off meds recuperating from all the horror. Saving up for his Vitamin C IV Therapy and B17 and getting him on CBD Oil. He still works out Into Juicing and plant based foods.

I highly Recommend A Holistic Approach to Healing. My Son also saw a Chiropractor. Take High Doses of Vitamin C IV Therapy and B17 and CBD Oil, Exercise, and definitely Eating Healthy is a Plus. Listening to Soothing Music and surrounding yourself with Positive People and Energy.

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