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June 29, 2019
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Celiac Disease
Integrative Medicine

After six pregnancies over the past 17+ years, with five children (one of whom is medically fragile herself due to a rare neurogenetic disorder, Angelman syndrome), I have really put my own health on the back-burner for far too many years. I am SO thankful to have found this practice to help me optimize my health, hopefully prevent disease, and otherwise be as well as I can be. I appreciated the quick and comprehensive testing (including a micronutrient panel), as well as a plan for exercise, stress-management, and appropriate and targeted supplements (including my beloved adaptogen Ashwaghanda!) designed to meet my specific needs.

Further, my husband has spent over the past decade trying to get to the bottom of his health problems only to have them continue to get worse. We highly suspected coeliac disase (which has now been confirmed), yet repeatedly received tests with false negatives and terrible advice. After only two months with this practice, my husband has an in depth view of his microbiome and nutritional status, among other things, and has confirmed coeliac disase (and a plan for that). He's already 100x more healthy (mentally, emotionally, and physically) after only two months, thanks to the supplements and guidance he has received, and we can't wait to see how he feels in 6 months from now.

This practice is worth EVERY penny... don't be "penny wise and pound foolish" with your health. <3

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