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May 11, 2018
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 After being diagnosed in late 2005, I started a search for information on Fibromyalgia It seemed like everywhere I turned, someone was trying to sell me the greatest cure in the 

world for what I had and all I really wanted was some straight talk from an inspiring point of view.  With family support by my side, I feel that I have been fortunate to cope up with

my pain.I would be more  susceptible to any sinus infection, stomach bug, cold as it would transpire into Pneumonia.


I try to avoid foods that cause inflammation such as Eggplant. I have tried to go Gluten free and 

have created lot of recipes as part of living with Fibromyalgia. I have tried alternative therapies as well and 

would like to share my experience. I have tried MG12 Pain Relief Cream as I was told by someone that it helped his mother.

Mg12 has a lot of products on their website and I've used only a few of them so far in different forms. I've tried the Body Balm and

MagneSoothe spray, which contains lavender oil. And the MagneSport roll on and balm. I do like them all, but I'm more partial to the Body

Balm/ MagneSoothe Oil Spray for bedtime since it contains lavender. I like the oil spray for my harder to reach areas. It makes it easier to 

apply to my back. And the balm is, well put simply, THE BOMB!

Neither product leaves a residue like other pain rubs I have tried and there isn't that awful burning sensation when you put it on. The MagneSport roll on

was a little itchy on my dry skin (some of you remember my ordeal with eczema). This sensation went away within a minute of applying it and I didn't 

get any further irritation.The idea of the products is to use them often because the Magnesium will replenish your body's deficiency and you will start to feel better. I had an almost instant pain relief result when I used MagneSport. The Body Balm dulled the pain enough to help me relax and fall asleep, but I 

did have to re-apply it once more to get a better effect.  I've been a fan of Epsom Salts for quite some time, but nothing compares to Dead Sea salts for pain, regularity, skin irritations, and energy and I can't wait to try their bath salts! 

Much of my pain is sciatica pain and shoulder pain from sitting or standing for too long and being hunched over on my desk writing. The shoulder pain is something that I'm used to dealing with on a daily basis, but the sciatic pain can throw me for a loop where all I want to do is find some relief.

I think I have found some relief from a product called Australian Dream Back Relief Cream. Now, for the sake of formalities, one, please consult your doctor before trying any new product for pain relief, and, two, I am not affiliated with this product in any way. I bought this product on my own accord and I'm giving all of you the 

thoughts I have on it so you can check it out for yourself.The product is not sticky like some pain rubs can be. There's no odor either and that actually made me wonder if the product would actually work! I went from a pain scale of 8 to a pain level of 1 when I woke up the next morning. It did take a bit of time to see results. My pain, however, was so minimal in 

the morning that I actually wondered if I was dreaming!

If you like to take baths like I do, there's a great product by Dr. Teal that helps with very sore muscles. I've used this product during flares and I've used it when I worked out too much one day at the gym (thanks, Lee, still remember the feeling of THAT burn LOL!). This product works very well for both types of soreness. I had severe muscle tears with 

my first ever biking class (again, thanks, Lee!) and this soak helped to relieve the soreness related to that type of pain, as well as major fibro flares. The menthol aroma also helped to relax me enough to sleep afterward. I write my thoughts and ideas on my blog as well at:

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