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June 28, 2019
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Sleep Disorders, Weight Problems
Functional Medicine

I am just finishing up with the EPIC DETOX. I have used other programs that required the use of program only powdered drinks and packaged foods which really sets you up to fail once you go back to real life and have no idea how to transition back to real food. I love the EPIC program because it uses real whole foods, nothing exotic but foods I can easily get at my local grocer. I have not only learned to be a better consumer by reading labels but also have become more aware of what I am putting into my body and the overall effect on my body. In just a matter of a few weeks I am sleeping better, my energy level is more balanced over the course of the day and I am better able to cope with the things that before would send me into stress overload. Weight loss wasn’t one of my goals but I have lost 14 pounds due in part to the EPIC DETOX but also to the overall change in what I am eating. My husband by eating the foods I am preparing and have available in the house, has seen a noticeable decrease in his blood sugar levels from the 140-160 range to 103-120 this past week. So that tells me the EPIC DETOX has put both of us on the right track to better overall health.

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