I won over my hormonal issues only with proper nutritional supply

Mandy Duffy


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I went to see yvonne in September. If I'm honest I was very sceptical making my appointment but I was willing to give anything a try. I found the iridology test just mind blowing. The things yvonne could tell me was absolutely 100% right. The problems I had been experiencing were spot on. Then came the food intolerance test which explained even more what was going on in my body and why I was going through so much discomfort and pain after eating certain foods. It was great to finally be told something that actually made sense. There were a lot of reasons why my body wasn't working for me, hormonal issues, a sluggish thyroid, and pain due to a lack of magnesium in my body. After Yvonne's very welcomed guidance on vitamins and diet I can safely say I have never felt better. When I walked out of her clinic that day I thought that the changes I needed to make would be impossible!! But with her help and advice I made the changes and I can safely say contacting Yvonne's clinic was the best decision I've ever made. I have little or none of my previous issues and this is 100% down to her. I cannot recommend yvonne and the clinic highly enough. On top of the amazing work she does yvonne is a lovely girl and I felt so comfortable and at ease with her. Absolutely life changing for me�

Nutritionist: The Health & Nutrition Coach

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