I won over my back and neck pain by acupuncture treatments.



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Back Pain, Neck Pain




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Harmony Brown is one of the most professional and effective healers I have had the pleasure to deal with! I've had back & neck pain for years, stress, sport injuries, digestive issues, and TMJ to name a few of my ailments. I had become so desperate for relief and finally decided to call Integrative Acupuncture as I know several people that are patients and rave about their treatment and reputation in the community. I knew right away after I attended my wellness consultation that I could trust her to listen to my issues and put a comprehensive plan together to achieve get results... I was excited yet still had no idea what to expect. What I got was true treatment and healing after a few sessions. She knew exactly what she was doing and took great care to explain everything to me. The treatment was painless and actually very relaxing. The office is very zen and she has such great energy. She's a true healer and several months after treatment I felt great. The whole team is warm, caring and professional. I would highly recommend Integrative Acupuncture to anyone considering acupuncture as an option for healing, health and well-being... It works!

Acupuncturist: Integrative Acupuncture

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