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June 28, 2019
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Autoimmune Disease, Immunity

Having an immune disorder for 20 years has required numerous medications for a variety of symptoms that had to be treated. The side effects of the medications were becoming more and more severe. It was with great reservation that I decided to take the recommendation to try acupuncture. Dr. Wu's philosophy is to cure the problem so medications are no longer needed and you no longer need to have treatments. Due to nerve damage and stress, I lost the use of my right arm and was living with a high level of pain. After three weeks of treatment with Dr. Wu, the pain in my back is gone and we are now dealing with the shoulder and elbow to relieve the numbing in my right hand. My progress has been exactly as he explained it would be and I already am having relief and only requiring a weekly visit. I can sense that I soon will be every other week and then monthly until I no longer need treatments. The relief is absolutely amazing and is preventing me from having surgery. I recommend that anyone who is facing surgery give acupuncture a chance first. It is an unbelievable and effective alternative. Dr. Wu is very knowledgeable and compassionate with the determination to help his patients live a better quality of life without the use of prescription drugs. You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by visiting his office. The miracles he has performed speak volumes to his success in healing the human body. I fully expect to have a full recovery within the next two months. Give it a chance and take advantage of his talent and success.

Acupuncturist: Healing Art Acupuncture

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