I was really able to overcome my stress by acupunture techniques.

Roxanne Pangelinan

Roxanne Pangelinan


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On December 8, 2017, was the first day I stepped foot into Juliann's office. I'm single/married woman (hubby is always away for work). Working mom of 3 elementary children. Juggling everyday life with 3 little ones is a circus.

Before I meet Juliann, I was at my lowest point. My stress and anxiety level was at a 20. My mind was so foggy, I was unable to think clearly. I was having all kinds of sensations on my face and arms. My sleeping pattern was off track. I could go on and on.

After my first session of acupuncture, I felt immediate results. The following weekend I had taken my kids to the mall. Which is like a bad roller coaster ride for me. Large crowds and 3 little ones, don't mix well in my cup. That's when I normally get bad anxiety attacks. Long story short, I wasn't antsy, no anxiety attacks. My kids even noticed my cool, calm and collective demeanor. It was so noticeable that my oldest twin son said "mom! I had a great time at the mall, can we come back again?" I hugged my son so tight and then I looked at him and said, YES of course!

With the help from Juliann, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and muscle testing I can be the best able wife, mom, co-worker and friend. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Juliann. She's has helped me in so many ways. With that being said THANK YOU! :)

Acupuncturist: Balanced Healing of Jacksonville

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