I was amazed to see how weight control could be carried by functional medications as well



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Functional Medicine changed my life. Since I was 13, I've had doctors tell me I should have immediate surgery, take several medications for the rest of my life, or that there was nothing that could be done for what ailed me. I was in pain every day of my life, and by 21, I hadn't gotten any real answers. My parents, who had been working with Dr. Jones, insisted I contact him. Since I've been working with Functional Medicine expert, the majority of my stomach pain has gone away faster than I could have hoped. Before meeting Dr. Jones, I was still eating a healthy diet, but nothing seemed to make my problems go away. Dr. Jones has allowed me to no longer be controlled by food. I used to have to plan when I ate, knowing I'd be in pain for a few hours after. I live 2 hours away, but Dr. Jones and his staff have made it so easy to get help. Seeking their help was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Functional Medicine Doctor: Wellness Movement- Dr. Chris Jones

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