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April 27, 2020
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Abalone shell
Back Pain
Traditional Chinese Medicine

I decided to try Acupuncture after a year of chronic back pain that nothing seemed to help. I had physical therapy, over the counter pain medications and once they figured out I had bulging discs corticosteroids- both pills and an epidural. Nothing worked. When I came to them I was desperate and willing to try anything. Over the last 5 months using a variety of techniques- acupuncture, Chinese massage and craniosacral therapy-Jessica has brought my pain levels down from 7 (out of 10) to near zero. I am back to physical therapy working on building back muscles and posture to better support my hips and spine. And I can now tell when I'm sore from using new muscles rather than pain from my pinched sciatic nerve. I can't thank them enough!"

Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor: Abundant Heaven Traditional Chinese Medicine

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