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August 02, 2019
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Integrative Medicine

If you have never given a thought to "straying from the norm "or "stepping outside the box" when it comes to your health, then it is time you did. I have NEVER been so healthy or felt so well in all of my 63 years!!! Trust me these people are miracle workers!! From birth, I have been plagued with multiple allergies, told I was asthmatic, been treated with injections, avoidance, steroids, antihistamines, saline mist, dust covers on beds, HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, ionic air cleaners, etc. I've tried every nose spray and allergy pill out there. Nothing worked significantly well. I would get periods of relief, but the next time a trigger came by I would be back to the stuffed up head, itchy eyes, runny nose, and headaches again. I feel absolutely perfect right now! It is the height of the yellow pollen season here in Jacksonville Florida, and normally I would be dusting and sneezing and vacuuming the house like a madwoman to try and reduce my exposure, changing the a/c air filter religiously with the best ones available, covering my face as I got in and out of the car ( and absolutely never~ shudder!!~ driving with the windows open )!! I would be letting everything needing tending in the yard just go by the wayside. Now, however, I am busily planting spring flowers, going to outdoor events, enjoying washing the car and taking a walk around the block again. All because of the dedicated teamwork of Cathy Goldstein and Kevin Determan!!! Together they run the Integrative Health and Allergy Center located off Gate Parkway ( near St. Johns Town Center). It literally has changed my life. Seriously guys, what kind of life is it when you feel like crap all the time? It is not an inexpensive proposition to regain one's health- but it was worth every penny I paid. I had mixed feelings and reservations when I first started going there, but with an open mind, I have learned so much about what I was doing wrong to the detriment of my own health. They do not practice what you would consider traditional Western medicine, but rather employ a blend of different modalities and Eastern procedures all striving to work together so that your body and its own immune system can function properly. I have seen such a vast improvement in almost all of the systems of my body that I wanted to publicly thank them and do what I could so that others might hear about this fabulous group of doctors. They practice arm muscle testing (which seemed a little far-fetched at first) that WORKS so well it has made me a convert. I will gladly sing their praises to whoever will listen if the subject arises. And it does concern most of us that our bodies seem to be rejecting things they never had a problem with before. They don't treat just allergies- they treat the entire body. Do some research – look into the practice of treating the CAUSE of illness and not just suppressing the symptoms. I bet you will be glad you did! Love you guys!! Thank you so much for helping me return to optimal health and thus happiness :-)

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