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June 07, 2018
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About 8 months ago I felt like crap, I was 61 years old, I weighed 270 pounds and had sleep apnea, high cholesterol, Joint pain, fatty liver disease, way out of shape, etc. One day I said I've had it, just die or get busy living so I went plant based. Lots of smoothies & juicing and eating plant based. Well as you can see I am 192 pounds now and have more energy than ever before. What can I say, pictures speak for themselves. Just do it, it won't be easy at first but it will get better and you won't believe the results. I'm no nutritionist or an expert in any way, I just searched and followed advice. I was a pizza lovin burger eating guy but had enough. It is for real and you can do it :-) One day at a time and just think before you eat and know what you put in your body has consequences good & bad. Good luck on your journey.

Let me say that I am not selling anything and I don’t endorse anyone and any of their products but people have asked and I will just tell you what I did and show the results. There is a lot to talk about so forgive me, there is a lot involved.

I have problems all my life with bad eating habits and other emotional & lifestyle issues that affected my health and wellbeing (like most people). I won’t bore you with my life story lol, I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you what I did to lose the weight and feel better.

So for those that didn’t see my original post,

For the longest time I always felt fatigued, always bloated and got out of breath easy and as I said before had fatty liver, kidney stones, sleep apnea, joint pain etc. I had enough.

I remembered a friend told me about a guy that was a raw foodist and had some good ideas on how to eat and get healthy again. That was about 2 years ago but it seemed to farfetched for me at that time but I looked him up and read his info and decided I have nothing to lose. That night (honest) I told the wife I’m getting a large pizza and fries and I am going to consider it my “last supper” not to be confused with Jesus, lol.


Very important to note is that from that moment on I stopped eating all meat, dairy, bread, pasta, refined sugars, processed foods, most grains and nothing cooked (added cooked beans & lentils later) The next day when I woke up I had a tall glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, black pepper and lemon juice, because I read that it was a good way to get proper digestion going. I try to drink that every day but I do miss some days but generally drink this regularly. I then headed out and bought myself a blender, not a Vitamix for about $400 but a Ninja Professional 1000 for about $85 . Which by the way, I love and it works just perfect for me. I cut up different fruits and tossed them in the blender with water and drink what amounts to about 2 glasses of that. Let me go back a minute the water with ACV and lemon will help get your digestive system ready. One thing I learned is that ALL illness, inflammation, etc. begins in the gut so what goes in it is very important.

Lunch: For lunch I would have a large salad with lots of greens like kale, dandelion, celery, onions, spinach, arugula, and tomatoes. ACV & coconut oil (if warm, it gets solid in cold months) or olive oil. I add nutritional yeast (awesome for flavor) and avocado. In between I would snack on dates and a baggie full of nuts, raisins with some sea salt. I drank lots of Coconut water and would just throw different meals together at random. I made sure that I had plenty of fruit on hand to eat whenever I was hungry. I also had a recipe for raw chocolate to deal with cravings that I had for sweet stuff.

About 2 weeks into my journey I developed severe flu like symptoms that knocked me on my butt. That lasted for about 10 days but I stuck with it. A couple weeks after that I broke out in a crazy rash, very painful & itchy. After a doctor visit and much research I determined that it was my body detoxing and dumping toxins into my bloodstream causing the rash. My system wasn’t used to all the fiber I was suddenly getting and couldn’t handle it. I was still determined and stuck with it and eventually it passed and after about 2 months into it I began to feel incredible. Very alert, tons of energy and feelings of euphoria like never before. I did learn the hard way that I wasn’t eating enough calories at first and dropped weight quickly. I noticed that I also was losing muscle so I joined a gym am and added a raw protein supplement for added protein and amino acids. I also drank Kombucha regularly for probiotics and enzymes. There is so much more to it so if anyone wants more info shoot me a pm, I’d be happy to answer questions and give specifics. I used a green formula every day that I believe was critical in my nutrition and helped with a healthy weight loss but I don’t want to name products here because I’m not selling anything. :-)



Coming up on 1 year. First 6-7 months I was Raw Whole Foods Plant Based, then I started adding some cooked foods like beans, legumes, grains. When I started I was around 260 - 270 lbs and yesterday I weighed in at 187 lbs. Had my physical in November 2017 and my cholesterol was lower, BP better than ever, resting heart at 60 and the bad fatty liver disease that I had is nowhere to be found. When I walked into the doctor's office they were stunned to say the least. I told them that I stopped taking my cholesterol meds, pain meds (back problem) and daily aspirin. My doctor asked me what I was doing and I told him. I also told him that I would be happy to be part of a study if he was interested. He said, "I want you to have an HIV test and get a chest x-ray" I asked why? He said such a dramatic weight loss is concerning and that would be what I would look for, aids & lung cancer.  So in summary, lots of fruits, salad, nuts, seeds, ACV with lemon juice & water, exercise, good rest, and lots of will power. No processed foods and read labels, if it is too long or you can’t understand ingredients, put it back on the shelf lol.

Read everything you can and draw your own conclusions, stay positive and enjoy the ride!

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