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July 12, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II
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In March of 1994, I was diagnosed as being type 2 diabetic.  At that time, I went through the standard diabetic diet indoctrination from a dietitian but I never took it seriously and continued to eat anything I wanted!  Because I was walking every morning for exercise, I felt it justified my abuse of the diabetes! By 2004, I was on insulin. Finally, in 2006 a lady doctor looked across her desk at me and said, “Mr. Veach, if you don’t start taking your diabetes seriously, they are going to cut off parts of your body, you’re not going to like it and it won’t be very pretty!”  That got my attention because she was so blunt about it! However, I still didn’t change my eating habits! Eventually, my rationale became that because I had my insulin crutch, I could continue to eat anything I wanted! I would just inject more insulin to compensate! By Oct. of 2016, I weighed 268 pounds, was injecting 46 units of insulin twice a day and was very frustrated with my weight and myself.  Because of the sugar I continued to eat, I was chewing antacid tablets every day!  A lot of things upset my stomach! By then, I got sick of looking at myself in the mirror and was determined to do something about it!  I was desperate to lose weight more than I wanted the sugar!  The thought then went through my mind, “No potatoes, wheat, corn, rice or oats in any form and NO sugar!”  



Later, I realized that God was trying to send me a message on how I could fix everything!  I then adopted the following type 2 diabetic diet plan to save my life:

  1. NO potatoes, wheat, corn, rice or oats in any form and no sugar! (That means NO bread or pasta!)
  2. NO desserts or candy – not even the ones marked “no sugar added!”  That label makes it easy to justify eating them and they become a trap!  They also keep the weight on! 
  3. EAT plenty of meat and green vegetables, including any kind of lettuce!  Dressings on salads are okay. (Tomatoes, beets and carrots are considered “green” vegetables in my book.)  Chicken and turkey are great and beef and pork are also fine! (Contrary to the conventional wisdom about red meat and pork adding too much cholesterol!)  I eat bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast! Eggs are a wonderful source of protein! Fish without breading or batter is good. It can be great if baked or broiled with a good seasoning!
  4. Eat fresh fruit – anything you like!  This is very important because fresh fruit takes care of the sugar cravings that type 2 diabetics suffer from!  Eat bananas in small amounts!  They are high in carbs! If you eat a lot of fruit in one sitting, it will also keep your sugar level up.  Space it out a little. Don’t drink fruit juices! They are like drinking pure sugar. Eat the fruit instead.  Drink plenty of water and NOT diet soda; it becomes a “crutch!”
  5. Sauces are okay if used once in awhile in small quantities.  Most of them contain sugar. (However, pasta is not allowed!)  
  6. Nuts are kind of neutral.  They are low in carbs and sugar, if you eat them without the added sugar glazes.  Eat them sparingly.
  7. The reward:  On the above diet, from time to time, it becomes necessary for a reward or “treat” for having done so well in achieving good results!  Therefore, you may have a small dish of real ice cream or a serving of your favorite desert or a small candy bar (at an establishment that serves them outside of the home!)  This should be done no less than 30 days apart to avoid abuse of the reward system!  Obviously, it is NOT permitted to buy any of these items in bulk and take them home!  (Out of sight, out of mind!)

The problem with the standard type 2 diabetic diet is that it allows the diabetic to eat the same things that they ate before they were diabetic!  They are just supposed to eat less of everything!  Therefore, they are hungry most of the time!  This is why the diet doesn’t work, it is abused by most diabetics, blood sugar levels stay high and frustration grows!  Therefore, a radical change is necessary!  (When I was diagnosed, I was placed on an 1800 calorie/day diet and I was over 6 ft. tall!  I was always hungry!) The goal for the type 2 diabetic should be to consistently lower the blood sugar level so that the disease is controlled!  Then, pills and insulin are reduced or are no longer needed! The above diet will do this if it is followed religiously as a lifestyle without cheating!  This diet is not intended to be inclusive of all food groups.  It will always be necessary for type 2 diabetics to watch their sugar intake!  I have followed this diet from Oct. 2016 to now (Dec. 7, 2017) and have gone from 268 pounds to 207 by Oct. 2017 and have stayed at this lower weight!  I now have more energy and feel better than I have in years! I am 68, have never had any kind of neuropathy in my feet or legs and have gone from injecting 46 units of insulin twice a day to injecting 26 once every other day.  Yesterday, I didn’t need any!  My A1C in Feb. 2017 was 5.8! (Normal A1C levels should be 5.8 or lower depending on which medical professional you talk to.)  Weight loss is the key to lower blood sugar levels in the type 2 diabetic. The above diet, when followed religiously as a permanent lifestyle without cheating, will result in weight loss along with consistently lower sugar levels in the blood!  This diet has done that for me!  I realize that this is a very radical diet and may be hard to follow for someone who loves potato and tortilla chips!  However, diabetes in America is at epidemic proportions and it is killing more people all the time! Therefore, it has become necessary to get “radical” about the type 2 diabetes diet if this disease is ever to be conquered!  The current  diet is NOT working!  

Feb. 2018, I saw my VA doctor and she was so impressed with my dramatic weight loss that she wanted to know what I was doing.  I then informed her of my diet. She asked me to send it to her and said she would use it for all of her diabetic patients!  A few weeks later, she called me and said she has given my diet with both of the above pages to her diabetic patients.

May’22,2018: In the final analysis, the burden of my heart is to help diabetics overcome and conquer this dreaded disease as I have!  I can only provide a way for diabetics to do this and be healthier. I cannot make anyone change the way they eat – the choice and the discipline is entirely theirs!  I tell people now that if they will follow this diet faithfully without cheating, within the first 6 months their doctor will want to know what they are doing!  

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