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August 03, 2019
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I started seeing Rebecca after having a chronic migraine that lasted for 8 months. All my doctor and neurologist ever did was prescribe more pills, even when the side effects of the pills were making daily life incredibly difficult. A friend suggested acupuncture and since I had tried everything else I decided to book an appointment.

The first appointment brought immense relief and over a series of appointments for a few months, I was able to slowly reduce the strong medication I had been given to treat my migraines until I was completely off the medication, OTC stuff like Advil and completely headache-free!

Fast forward 6 years later and I very rarely suffer from headaches at all anymore (no migraines) and have only gone in a couple of times for refreshers.

I recommend Rebecca to everyone that will listen. I know my life would be a lot different had she not helped me. If you're on the fence about acupuncture, seriously what have you got to lose?

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