I have recovered from Fibromyalgia, Migraine with help of Naturopathic medicine

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Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Sinusitis, Endometrial Hyperplasia


Naturopathic Medicine


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Recommend everything he does! He is brilliant! I was an RN for 20 yrs but had to quit work after my 2nd child C-section & already having fibromyalgia, had pretty bad endometriosis with several surgeries, migraines, chronic sinus infections. My kids started getting sick as infants & knew they had signs of fibromyalgia & my daughter ended up with hypothyroid & about at 9mo old had an anemia incident & needed supplementation Iron. And that’s when she started infections. My sons was at 6 was old. Took many many yrs of no help from conventional Drs & finally went to Functional medicine Dr who diagnosed us all with MTHFR MUTATIONS. My poor son having 2. I came across Dr Lynch’s site doing research & didn’t need to go anywhere else! I learned so much from reading his materials & watching videos. I have Dirty Genes just haven’t had time to read it taking care of my 82 yr old Mother with Parkinson’s & anxiety & I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis too. My kids take your Optimal Multivitamins & several other supplements. I recommend those to people a lot! He has done such excellent work to help so many people!!! Thank you Dr Lynch!!!!

Dr Ben Lynch Naturopathic Medicine

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