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May 30, 2019
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As a relatively young, fit and healthy 22-year old I started the mitochondrial support supplements not expecting much of a change, as I already considered myself quite ‘well’.
From just the first few weeks the changes were very noticeable!
I was waking up naturally in the morning rather than snoozing my alarm 6 times, I wasn’t yawning anymore or binging out on junk food at 3 pm. Basically that wall I use to hit come mid-afternoon no longer existed. My sleep felt more restful and I had more energy and focus than before. I realize now that my perception of what it meant to feel ‘well’ wasn’t really well at all! Along with a few lifestyle and diet changes also recommended by Lilias I have never felt better!

Naturopath Doctor: Lilias Ahmeira Holistic Practitioner

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