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May 30, 2019
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I was smoking for 15 years, and it all started thinking it's under my control. Little did I knew it would control me. Being an extremist I smoked behind normal; ignoring doctors warning to quit smoking. Being treated for DVT and varicose vein, smoking acted as a catalyst to worsen the health. But despite that my brain overpowered my urge to smoke against my will be a daily routine. It became a guilty pleasure, and I knew what I was loosing but the thought to quit struck when I realized that I was avoiding hugging my parents fearing I would smell smoky and hurt them, lied to my wife on numerous occasions, fought to smoke cigarettes. Became a hypocrite asking my family members to quit. I was literally a slave to smoking, putting my family in danger just to smoke 1 cigarette most of the time. It made me a beggar when I thought not buying will help me quit, but instead realized I was borrowing it even from strangers and one time a homeless guy who I used to give food. Tried cold turkey but didn't last more than 3 days without a cigarette or hookah. My customer turned friend Mr. Robert Dunes who had visited Dr. Ling 27 years ago told me about this place and made me believe that it is possible to quit smoking. He and his 4 friends quit smoking with just a 45 mins session at Peking Acupuncture for guys trust me I felt the same. This Dr is not the one with a profit earning business, instead, he only wishes good health to people and really wants to treat them without charging arms and legs. Its real, 1 session of acupuncture and never have the urge of smoking again. Last but not least one must need to make up your mind to quit before you go here. $250 once and for all with unlimited follow-ups.

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