I have managed to achieve my goal of feeling fit with Diet Therapy

Maryann Whyte

Maryann Whyte


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I came to Lynda after seeing the great results with Miranda Leese and really wanted to go to a safe environment that could kick some of the food bad habits I had slowly but surely gained over the years. I'm 6kgs into my 15kg journey and the one thing that has stood out for me is that I'm taking responsibility for my choices and more aware of what I am putting in my mouth and that this isn't a race, its a process. I've given myself an achievable time to reach this goal and for the first time feel pressure free as it is not a diet its a lifestyle and mindset change. I love how her office has examples of recommended foods as it helped when I was in the supermarket as I just take photos of what I want - no stress of wondering if I got the right product. Something so simple but I really connected with that tool to help.
I can 100% say coming to see Lynda was the best decision I have made this year

Dietitian: Nutrition For Life, Auckland

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