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Debra Lambert

Debra Lambert


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Dr. D'Adamo's BTD insight and the staff have been very supportive and knowledgable in the journey of my health and healing in the last 8 years! I was experiencing symptoms of overweight, IBS, etc. and visited my primary doctor and had a colonoscopy. The diagnoses were "it was my nerves causing the IBS" and specialist prescribed medicine to slow colon down. That recommendation did not address the issue so in seeking alternatives, the book "Live Right 4 Your Type" was suggested. It has now been 8 years of balanced health now and my unhealthy symptoms have disappeared. I had been a vegetarian for 6 yrs prior to the BTD eating mostly grains, white potatoes and soy which are an avoid food and had gained 70 pounds! I am an O non-secretor. So now eating beef, sweet potatoes, etc becomes nourishing to my body. I lost the weight plus some. I am an animal lover and respect it for giving me health benefits for my body. I use it as a medicine when needed. I attempt to purchase meats, eggs, that are "humanely raised". I grew up on a farm, so we experienced the value of respect for nourishing vegetables, meats, fruits, honey bees, fresh milk, and butter. I enjoy sharing my discovery of Dr. D'Adamo's insights on the BTD, website, and continued compassionate education for health and wellness! All experience balance wellness!

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