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July 05, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II
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In January 2018 I started urinating every 10 minutes. I kept telling everyone that I needed to go to a doctor to find out what was wrong...but I never did. A week or so goes by and I end of in the emergency room with a nasty life threatening infection. I swelled up like a human balloon and was rushed into immediate sugary. I was told that the infection had turned into gangrene and that I was going to have some amputations. This is how I found out I had type 2 diabetes and that all this was brought on by not treating it. I was told that my blood sugar was over 500 and what I was experiencing is what more commonly type 1 diabetics experience....diabetic ketoacidosis. After 2 major surgeries and 3 weeks in intensive care, I was then told I was lucky to be alive but because my diabetes was so bad, I may not have a very long life ahead of me. Eventually I was sent home with several medications. Just some of what I take daily is 20 units of insulin and 2000mg of metformin.


I started researching and reading about benefits of how diet and nutrition can help or aggravate a  medical condition. I started changing my diet to include lots of green leafy veggies. I do not eat anything that comes in a box. I make all my own food. Uncured meat whenever possible and veggies from my own garden as often as I can. You can make your own low carb bread, pasta even deserts. You really do not have to give up much, just be smarter about what it is you are eating.

Today I went to my new family doctor for some lab work and an a1c test. My doctor told me I will soon find out my lab results but he would be glad to tell me that my new a1c is 5.7 He couldn't believe it himself and asked me what it was that I did to bring down my a1c from 11 to 5.7? I said it is by the grace of God and adopting a LCHF woe. I still have a LONG way to go but I am well on my way to living a long healthier life. Thank you everyone in this group for being a part of my journey!

I am still taking 20 units of Lantus insulin and 2000mgs of metformin, each day. In a month I will try to reduce meds. For sure my goal is to get off all medication.

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