I have Controlled my Stage 3 Breast Cancer with Diet

Lauren Pullia

Lauren Pullia


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I was diagnosed with triple negative stage 3 breast cancer in April. What is ironic is that  chemo, radiation killed my mother. Now I am in the same boat as she was. I am refusing chemo and radiation but my doctor is still trying to convince me otherwise.



I decided to do Holistic therapy and here is what I started with:

wormwood, cannabis oil, graviola, lemon water, exercise, frankincense oil, vitamin c and lots of green veggies.I have been using thie diet for the last three months and my tumor has started to shrink and break up. I have been using artemisia for the past week and my tumour has shrunk quite a bit.

I have only done holistic.

May 23: Bone scan clear. Cancer hasn't spread. Tears of joy.

July 13: So today i had tumour marker blood tests done. First time I did the blood tests after being diagnosed in April this year with breast cancer. So have nothing to compare it to. Although the tumour shrunk a hell of a lot.

My results...CEA -1.8, BR15-3 - 11.9.

Quite excited that it's so low and within range. Still have a long way to go to get this thing to disappear. But patience, patience, patience.


Something I would like to share. I have experienced this first hand. When my lymph nodes are swollen and sore I drink activated charcoal just before I go to bed. This morning the pain and swelling is gone.

My Diet:

I am eating healthy, mainly veg. drink 2-3 litres of water daily. Taking CBD oil, lemon water, curcicum, frankincense and myrrh, vit c, vit d3, bloodroot capsules and wormwood tea.

I typically do three day juice detox to give my body a boost after a hectic week.

Frankincense Oil : I am using it. It helps with detoxing. I drink the crystals/resin morning and evening. Rub oil over tumour. I am using it now for almost two months. It helped me with my arthritis. No pain in knees or wrists anymore. I don't get the pain in my breast where the tumour is. Tumour hasn't grown.

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