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May 30, 2019
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I stumbled upon Heights of Health 10 years ago and have been seeing them annually ever since. At first, my visits were very frequent, but once I got my health on track, I go back once or twice a year for updated body scans and to address whatever is affecting my body at that time. They have been a lifesaver for me and my kids over the years. Sonya is my person there. We immediately pick up where we left off each time. The best part about my experience over the years is they give you the knowledge and tools to help yourself and your family with a clear plan of action and support along the way. I can confidently choose supplements, holistically treat illnesses when sick and know how to manage the havoc stress weighs on our day to day lives. This knowledge is invaluable in a world where so many options for supplements, medication, and information is at your fingertips and can be so overwhelming and confusing. Heights of Health is an important partner in my family’s health care and will be for years to come!

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