I got of PPI for Gastritis with diet modification and meditation

Nicola Hoyland

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Diet Therapy

Medical History

Medical History: I have been suffering from Gastritis and was put on Proton Pump Inhibitor for some time. the foods that trigger my gastritis. Gluten, raw garlic, raw onion sometimes, tomatoes sometimes too. Also too much chocolate. Processed foods.



I wanted to be off med and PPI and started exploring diet modifications. I had to undergo massive change in my diet, start regular meditation and learn to manage stress better. I eliminated most foods and ate only what didn't aggravate my stomach, took 6 weeks to turn it around. Bad food and stress got me into this mess, giving them up and changing myself has got me out of it.

What worked for me?  

Breakfast: Almond milk, gluten free oats and banana smoothie

Lunch and Dinner: Brown rice and vegetables. I drank room temp or warm water.

What did I give up?

Meat, dairy, spice, raw, processed, gluten, sugar, fizzy drinks, ice and booze (wasn't a great drinker anyway)

I can now eat most foods without problem (except gluten/processed stuff) have to listen to my body as switch back to bland if I need to. I follow a keto diet now. Different foods trigger different people, that is what worked for me. I am off PPI now and feel good about myself.

Outcome:  I'm 90% better, suffered terribly in the beginning. I now control it with good diet and lifestyle changes. Not sure it'll ever completely go, but I can live with it like this fine.

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