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June 29, 2019
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Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Weight Problems

I went to Original Medicine because more than one of my friends recommended it. Not only is the facility clean and comfortable, but the four staff members are knowledgable and kind. As far as the actual treatment goes, it was remarkable. My life is different now. I gained nutritional insight I wasn't aware of and sometimes would go as far as to say I had spiritual experiences during treatment. Nothing was suggested or forced into my psyche by the doctor, but time and time again, I would have spectacular visions, realizations, and a lot of emotional healing in my sessions. Beyond that, I was relieved of my chronic lower back pain after only a couple sessions, my skin improved, I lost weight, and my plantar fasciitis almost disappeared completely after more. Dr. Eagles created my treatment plan and coached me through it. Dr. Baroody orchestrated the actual acupuncture, and it was a pleasure seeing Sasha and Pam at the front desk weekly. Honestly, I'm sad the treatment is over. Sure, it's kind of creepy to get poked with needles, but I got past that quickly (they even have a spot where they poke you that eases that exact anxiety!) and actually really looked forward to my sessions. I hope if you're frustrated because nothing is working to quell your ailments and you're ready to commit and be open, you won't think twice about going to Original Medicine. It's an ancient practice and it really works.

Acupuncturist: Original Medicine Wellness Center

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