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June 29, 2019
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Back Pain, Neck Pain

I'm truly amazed by this acupuncture place , I don't even know were to start!!
I had the most uncomfortable back and neck pain I had ever experience and I was worried that it was something terribly serious, I started doing some research on the Internet and found that acupuncture was a healthy healing system for muscle spasm so I decided to search for a place near my home , now before this experience I had never suffered such bad ache not had I ever done any acupuncture and honestly I was really skeptical about the whole thing I didn't really think it would help me as much or even make a difference but the risk taker that I am I decided to give it a shot why not . I called in I told them about my pain and they were able to get me in the same day . I met Dr. Chung and she asked me questions about my health and about the spasm it was really fast and then it started, she put needles in my foot, hands, face and head and I laid with them for about an hour , after she came in pulled them I put my shoes back on and she did recommend a customized tea that I bought and started drinking that same night , the next morning I woke up with zero shoulder pain, I went in the next day she did the same thing , I continued to drink the tea and amazingly about 50% of the pain was gone, today I had the last session and I'm still drinking my tea and honestly I feel great ! I'm beyond thankful for Dr.Chung as she has healed me. I didn't have to go to the hospital which I seriously thought I was gonna have to because I couldn't stand the pain . I had a total of 3 sessions and I'm healed I seriously recommend this place to anyone suffering from any pain it really works . You have to be patient and consistent but it's a natural way of healing there's no medication or expensive dr fees . Definitely worth it .

Acupuncturist: Samra Clinic of Oriental Medicine

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