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May 30, 2019
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Hip pain

A little over 2.5 yrs ago, I was looking to get back into an exercise routine. I had spent the previous year, slowing rehabbing my knee after ACL/Meniscus reconstruction. The exercise was always a priority in my life and I was desperately looking to get my health back on track. I decided to take part in The Blitz program to jump start my weight loss, after being "out of commission" for a while. The program empowered me to get my health back on track and start working on my overall physical fitness. My first year at WHF was life-changing! Eric, Vinny & Christian all helped me get my fitness level and knee in great shape! As my fitness level improved, my activity level increased to where I could run & play tennis at a competitive level again! I continued to incorporate training sessions into my fitness routine. The guys at WHF were always in tune with what exercises would keep me moving forward. I had reached my personal goal of coming back, after knee surgery, and was able to play tennis. I was back to playing a couple of times a week...when I was stopped in my tracks & sidelined, again, with a torn labrum in my hip! I had consulted with my Orthopaedic Surgeon & he advised against surgery (music to my ears, b/c I didn't want to take another year to rehab my hip). However, he advised that I take 8 months off from playing any tennis or running and go back to Physical Therapy. I had to let that sink in. I decided to seek the advice of the trainers at WHF who had helped me strengthen my knee. I'm so glad that I did. Christian Zetterberg did not even miss a beat! He asked me to trust him & we hit the ground running (figuratively speaking!). He did his homework & over the course of 8 months, helped me stretch & strengthen my hip! It started out slow, but now I am feeling great again (pain-free) and have started back to running & playing tennis!!! ~Each trainer at WHF helped & encouraged me through my hip recovery...but I am truly thankful for the persistence, knowledge & enthusiasm (& watchful eye) of Christian. My hip is feeling so much stronger~ Thank You!

Coach: Wrightstown Health & Fitness

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