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June 29, 2019
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Anxiety Disorders, Insomnia, Stress

I have never had acupuncture before and I decided to give Dr. Yang a try. She has about a 10 page intake packet. She likes to know a lot about you before you get started, so she knows exactly what you want to work on. Mine was stress, anxiety and issues falling asleep. She started off with cupping, it didn't hurt but it felt weird; she described it as a backwards massage. Then she began with the acupuncture portion. Some of them I did not feel at all, mostly in the areas that already had the cupping, most of them I felt a tiny prick and a couple of them I had a minor pain -- which she told me what those areas were geared toward and it made sense why those areas would hurt the most. After she was done, she left me alone with some relaxing music and I fell asleep for the second half (which is something I would never do). So I already knew it was working. Today I feel much less stressed and I slept amazing last night. I don't know the full extent of how acupuncture and cupping works, but it does work. Dr. Yang is amazing, sweet, knowledgeable and she makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommend acupuncture and cupping with Dr. Biru Yang!

Acupuncturist: Dragonwell Clinic

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