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June 28, 2019
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Maria is amazing, she has changed my life. I was on the medical merry go round for 27 years, constantly in and out of the hospital, having monthly infusion treatments. Over the many years of ill health, I have tried just about everything. Then by chance, I met a woman who recommended Maria to me. So thought I would give Maria a go. I no longer have to have monthly infusion treatments haven’t been in hospital, I’m off 13 different medications, lost weight, feel better and apparently look better too. Everyone thinks I look like a different person. Maria is so knowledgeable on how all the systems in the bodywork, Maria reads your blood tests and explains exactly what’s going on and importantly why. It all makes sense and if you give it a go and stick with what Maria says you will see amazing results. If you do find sticking to a specific diet or have cravings for “naughty” things, tell Maria because there will be a reason for that too. I can’t rave or recommend Maria enough.
Tracey Perry

Nutritionist: True Foods Nutrition

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