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Michaela's weight loss program has changed my life forever. I never knew that eating so healthy would feel and taste so good. For 10 years I have been trying to get rid of those 15 pesky pounds permanently but to no avail. I tried skipping meals, juicing and other crazy diets. When I started this weight loss program I was scared and worried, I never ate vegetables and ate a lot of chocolate and junk food. How can I possibly lose weight in a month and maintain it? I said Ok, let's give it a try. The first week I lost 5 pounds and started eating vegetables that I did not know existed. The second week I was like 9 pounds and my face is clearing up and I have a healthy glow. In a month I lost 15 pounds "Stella got her groove back" and have maintained it. It's so easy that its a lifestyle change. I will stay eating this way forever as far as I am a concern. No more restless leg syndrome, stomach issues and I feel great. Thank you, Michaela, for being an exceptional leader. That is why she is top in her field.

Nutritionist: Michaela Logue Nutrition

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