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June 29, 2019
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Around 6 months back when I was in a very bad shape both physically and mentally after delivering a colicky baby is when I accidentally stumbled upon Pranavam and there began the journey. I had sent inquiries to a handful of ayurvedic centers in Kerala on postpartum care / new mom treatments and when majority of them bothered to only say the package and price details, a mail undersigned by Dr. Athira Thampy suddenly caught my attention and it swept my feet off the floor as it was filled with so much warmth. But later, when I heard the package details, I was quite skeptical whether it was a business strategy as I hadn't bothered to spend much on me for anything before in my life. But, after few conversations, I sensed that she is genuine to the extreme core and that she is a true human who trusts that the money she earns through this endeavor should be only after doing complete justice to her clients whom she considers as her second family. I had even formed the trust and a guarantee in my mind that no penny of mine would go waste even before the treatment could begin and she never proved it wrong. Connecting to people and their feelings come so naturally to her and that is what makes Pranavam so unique from the rest. You get what you paid for but it doesn't stop there, you earn 'a true selfless caring friend for life' which is the bestest addon to your package. She brought back the vigor and Josh in my life and I owe her for enabling me to face life positively and for a lot more, now and forever!

Ayurveda Doctor: Dr. Athira's Pranavam Naturopathy Ayurveda Diet & Yoga Clinic.

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