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May 29, 2019
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Back in 1997 I was officially diagnosed with a hereditary eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) I was born with it, I just didn't know it. Anyhow in being diagnosed with it, regular medical doctors have told me year after year when I go in for my checkups you are stable, our goal is to help keep you stable. This is the best we can do considering there is nothing medically that can be done for this. Men in my family go completely blind to darkness and women the vision is super low but good enough to see housework! Gee thanks! Through the years I've just been patiently hoping and praying for something to progress.
Well, one night late in March I went online to see if there were any new eye supplements on the market. Instead, I found Brad at Pinpoint Acupuncture clinic instead! What intrigued me more was specialists coming into town to join him for a week. I got excited! I called the office the next day! Brad talked with me a few times and helped me to feel this next step was a good one for me. Yep, I booked a two week stay with my hubby in Oregon to go through 2 treatments a day for two weeks. Day 1, with my right eye I could read to line 7 clearly and line 8 I could see shapes (Their chart has 11 lines). By the middle of my second week I was reading down to line TEN clearly and line 11 I only missed three. Day 1 with my left eye (which is my bad eye) I could read down to line 5 clearly and line six I saw shapes. By the middle of my second week, I was reading down to line 8 clearly and seeing shapes on 9. How to shorten this so ya'll don't need a bookmark, lol! I have so much to share!!!! <3 When I noticed it the most or my husband noticed it the most is in my everyday life. My husband's cell phone which I typically can't see and I laugh at myself to even try. He was driving and asked me to try and text his daughter since my phone was being difficult. I said okay. Well excuse my language here, but the next thing I know is my hubby is looking over at me going HOLY SHIT!!! I said What? I thought someone cut him off or something! Nope............. I was swyping on his phone to his daughter WITHOUT my over the counter reading glasses ANNNND doing it with ease!!! Craaaazy I tell ya!!! Night vision or I call dusk vision has improved a bit. My peripheral vision has improved a bit as well. He said this area is slower! All I can say in short is I made A LOT OF PROGRESS IN JUST TWO WEEKS! I'm not going to kid you, it's not easy every day for two weeks but SO WORTH IT!!! Brad, the two doctors from Norway, and Brad's wife were all AMAZING!!!! Bottom line is if you have RP or another eye disease that some medical doctor says there is no cure for, go see Brad at Pinpoint Acupuncture Clinic! What do you have to lose, except time enjoying life differently! I'm going to leave people that read this with one thought: There are three kinds of people in this world: People that watch things happen, People who make things happen and People who wonder what happened? Which one are you? Belief is having FAITH in what you can not see!! Good luck to all. If anyone wants to chat more pm me. Thank you, Brad, Erik, and Ole for making such a huge difference in my life!

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