Cheryl Vagg
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August 29, 2018
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History: I have been suffering from Gastritis.



I have gotten over it in past but its chronic and back, but i have had some good days. I have been very careful with food. small bit of soup dinner, fish, sardines, gut healing soup. I have cut caffeine, gluten and lactose.

I have taken slippery elm capsules when I am in pain, Iberogast, before meals, chlorophyll a couple times.

In addition, I take dandelion coffee, turmeric tea, camomile tea, ginger apple tea, detox tea twinings, coconut oil, a little honey in turmeric drink with almond milk and gluten free oats.

My Diet Plan:

Breakfast: Bananas really were the only thing I felt safe eating for the beginning.

Lunch: Sardines are excellent

I have cut coffee and all processed foods. I feel so much better and hope my story will help someone.

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