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September 06, 2018
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I was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 lung cancer and given 3 months to live. But I thought I’m not having this, I’d heard of people beating this and decided I would also. You really need to think what you want. Do you want to go on like this or take your health into your own hands. Beating cancer is a life changing challenge, you either do it or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. I can’t tell you what to do, only you can decide.


Next day I started researching all I could find about how cancer starts how it spreads and possible treatments. I first found cancer patients normally have a deficiency in vitamin b17. and found that apricot kernels contain b17. The chemicals in that contain a small amount of cyanide. Not enough to harm you if taken in small amounts. This cyanide helps to kill Cancer cells so I started chewing 5-10 per day rising to a maximum of 50, no more! Then I read about alkalising your body. Cancer cells thrive in an acid body environment. So to alkalise, drink pure juice of organic fruit and vegetables daily and take a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in warm alkaline water twice daily. Never have water from a tap. So many harmful chemicals. Then I discovered cannabis is oil which I had a rice grain under my tongue 2 hours before bed and also by syringe rectally. Straight to liver pancreas and kidneys. After 4 months my oncologist said I shouldn’t be here but I told her what I was doing and she was horrified. However I continued and went on a full vegan diet. No milk, butter, meats, sugar. I was very strict with this. Also no alcohol. Then found HBOT. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  from MS Society. Where 100% pure Oxygen is forced under pressure into the bloodstream. Cancer cells cannot live with oxygen and close down and die. This is approved by McMillan trust. to combat cancer. I also found out that diseases start with all the bad bacteria in the lower gut. So I started colonic hydrotherapy (enemas) to rid the bad bacteria also coffee enemas to clean the liver and kidneys out. It took me 3 years hard dedication and all this time I remained positive that I was doing the right thing. Eventually last September I was told I was no longer terminal. and as recent as last month discharged from hospital as my oncologist said she couldn’t treat something that wasn’t there.

A long story and journey but never give up as the consequences we all know about. If you send me your email address I’ll send the protocol I followed for you to read. From being diagnosed with lung cancer and being given four months to live, to two years down the line and now declared no longer terminal!

Any help I can give you I will if I can. So stay positive and let me know how you are doing. God bless. Ron

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