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September 18, 2019
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Herniated Disc

I came for acupuncture to help ease the last of the pain I was having from two herniated discs that were hitting a nerve. I did not and would not have surgery for my back. Acupuncture has helped me feel much better. I am now able to walk 2-4 miles (slowly). I was used to working out intensely 3-4 mornings a week so not even being able to walk was very tough. I am finally getting to the point of feeling normal, meaning I can do things around the house like stairs, laundry and grocery shopping without intense pain. I am also sleeping better.
Amy is very knowledgeable and helpful during this process – easing my fear of the needles I was surprised that I actually felt better after 2 sessions AND that I keep coming back ...

Acupuncturist: Northshore Acupuncture Center

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