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June 28, 2019
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Functional Medicine

Dr. Manisha Ghei has been my physician for the past few months. This is my very candid account true from heart, and I am willing to open up so that others who need help can get it. I have been to a few other multiple physicians of various types including the very high-end ones before, the ones who have been on Oprah show, TV celebrity types. I can say Dr. Manisha Ghei beats them all to dirt! Clinically I had hypothyroidism which was diagnosed by my previous Endocrinologist, I got to know Dr. Manisha Ghei thru personal contacts and wanted to it a shot since I was not getting results from my previous physicians. I came to the US in 1999 from India to study, and I knew I had it all life long such a thing called 'food allergy or sensitivity'. As I was growing up, I vividly remember after eating certain foods like Milk, Soy or wheat I used to feel nauseated, bloated and sleepy. After years I started gaining weight, lack of energy, tiredness, lack of mental focus and a whole lot of issues. My quality of life started coming down, and I was looking for answers because conventional physicians would not diagnose me with anything, they said you are just fine, there is nothing wrong with you. When I saw Dr. Manisha Ghei, upon my first visit I immediately got a vibe that she is different. After a few visits and my results, I confirmed that she is not a run-of-a-mill physician. I feel energetic, there are a charm and vibe in life, I have started to lose weight, my appetite is up, my energy level is up, I definitely feel the energy to at least go to the gym, it’s a different thing due to my own negligence I don't work out as much as I should. Visit with Dr. Manisha Ghei is an experience in itself. She spends a lot of time, before, during and after a visit for her patients, attention to details for individual patients. She is very personal in her approach and communication with the patients. She cares for one of her patients like her extended family. The urge and desperation in her eyes for her patients to get better and to feel good is genuine and is very real. I have seen it first hand!. And it's that drive in her and her go-getter attitude that patients see in her, that's the motivation for her patients to follow the diet, prescriptions, and lifestyle changes. It's not easy, but patients feel the therapeutic partnership with her and she instills a feeling in her patients, that she and her patients are one team, where the team is fighting as one single unit towards a common goal to make her patients enjoy their lives again. She is not just board certified in multiple disciplines, she continuously reads a lot of literature, attends a lot of conferences and uses the latest and greatest that's available out there. She will explain in great detail the reason and cause of each of the illness while going over the test results, and the science behind it. She is not for every random person out there. She is highly specialized, high end, elite, white glove treatment, premium physician. If you are trying to save money and not care for your health as much, you can go somewhere else. She is an exclusive physician for the patients who believe that their health is exclusive and is above everything else because the services she will provide and the quality your life and charm you'll get in life is priceless!!!!!. In closing FYI – all this is coming from a certified fitness and nutrition expert himself. Also, my wife is a board-certified MD family medicine physician. I still go to Dr. Manisha Ghei. Not that it matters, but attaching my credentials here all of which are current. I am not a physician, but you'll know, that I know a thing or two about fitness, nutrition, and health. If you go to nasm dot org slash resources slash validate-credentials and type in 'Anand' in the first name and 'Chauhan' in the last name you'll see all my credentials. I am trying to get to that above the average great body, health, and fitness that was the envy of many, once I was at my peak. Dr. Manisha Ghei has so far provided services to me that are priceless, and I am happy to have her as my partner in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and peak fitness and health, and I highly recommend her. So do yourself a favor, visit her and you'll find out what you have been missing.

Functional Medicine Doctor: Dr. Manisha Ghei -Autoimmune MD- Integrative, Holistic, Functional Medicine

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