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August 29, 2018
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My major symptoms are bloating, fullness of stomach, stomach pain in the early morning, white spots in stool.I had pain in empty stomach as well.



I adopted following activities to cure this disease; I hope it will help you guys as well

1) First, I totally changed my routine activities. I stopped eating anything four to five hours before bed time. I had started to avoid drinking water after each meal. I converted my daily meals in 4 to 5 five small meals instead of 3 meals.

2) I strictly banned coffee, tea, soft drinks, spicy food, warm food or fluid, meat, sauces, junk food, chocolates and even snacks (I was not an alcoholic so if you are then you need to stop it) until I get healed completely because all these foods hurt my stomach.

3) I took 2-3 bananas daily on empty stomach or just before any meal. My diet was cereal and chicken cooked in olive oil.

4) Dr suggested me to take PPIs and Sucralfate. I took both meds for 4 months but I stopped taking sucralfate when I got some mild kidney infection and I guess it is due to excessive of Sucralfate .

5) Try to control your stress levels as well because it was one of the trigger in my case

6) Important thing to note that please don’t loose hope, just be consistent on your diet and meds, you will be cured one day, stay positive and calm, and engage yourself in your daily activities.

My Diet Plan:

Surely, you will heal soon but strictly follow a diet plan.Trust me,this disease is curable if we put some dedication and control ourselves to keep away from what we love to eat.

try to control your stress levels.Stress is the major culprit in my case as it triggered this disease to next level.Also try to completely avoid tea, coffee, chocolates, soft drinks etc.Try to use food cooked in olive oil.

Hey... being South Asians, we are fond of spices in our meals which is extremely harmful if you have gastritis or other digestive problem. So please completely avoid it. Also avoid deep fried or things cooked in GHEE. Use olive oil instead. Also, try to eat bananas 30 before your each meal or on an empty stomach. Bananas help to protect our stomach lining from gastric juices. You can also avoid dairy products if you are feeling uncomfortable with them but atleast try to have some yogurt in your lunch. Also, some desi folks suggest me to take one tablespoon virgin olive oil on empty stomach but I didn’t try it, but for sure give it a try. I hope it will work. I took omeprazole and in my case, it helped me a lot in healing my stomach, but I suggest you go with what your doctor prescribed you because every human body react differently to each drug.

It took me 6-7 months to heal completely from gastritis. Now I can eat whatever I like to. Bland diet helped me a lot. Best of luck guys, it will heal soon.

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