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July 12, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II, Stress
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In 2010 I was under a lot of stress. I had a granddaughter dying, I had a brother and sister in law dying of cancer, I was taking care of my elderly mom who had dementia and live with us. I thought I had the flu and got a doctors appt and was put in an ambulance taken to ICU Was in the hospital for 5 days and the day getting out was told I was a diabetic and would have to give my self 8 shots of insulin a day. I started crying because I hate shots. I found this out 2 hours before being released. I went home had a 24 hour pity party. I also could only see shadows. I felt overwhelmed. So I followed the ADA diet and the second day home I would eat a meal and 30 minutes later would go on my treadmill and walk for `10 minutes. Oh and Blood sugar going into the hospital was 860. The doctors could not believe I was not in a comma. Hubby had these magnifying glasses that I started using because that is the only way I could read. So I read everything I could on diabetes. By the time I got to see the Diabetic Educator which was a month later. I let her see what I had been eating and what my blood sugars were.

I told her everything I learned about diabetes. Well she said I did not have to go to the class because she said I would be bored and that she learned some things from me. After a month I was put on 40 units of lantus and sliding scale along with sliding scale of Novolog. I had my ups and downs with gaining weight with insulin. I worked my way up to 45 minutes of walking after each meal. But the scale would not go down. I would get frustrated with doctors because they said I was not exercising that much. I made my husband come in to tell the doctor that I was exercising that much. After about 3 months. I got the book Diabetes without drugs by Suzy Cohen. That book scared me straight. So I changed doctors and the weight came down a little. Blood sugars were getting under control. But at times would have highs and lows. This one doctor said I could slowly lower insulin by two units at a time. I kept requesting to see an Endo. Well I finally got to see one Jan 7 2014. 


My life started to change when I went to see an Endocrinologist in 2014. My first visit he took me off of Insulin and then tells me I should have been off 2 years earlier. He told me to do low carb and I told him that at times I did not feel hungry so he said then do not eat. I said that goes against the ADA diet. He said he is from Europe and they do things differently. So the weight started coming off. Three years ago I heard about Dr Jason Fung and fasting. I talked to my Endo and he said he was fine with that. So I started fasting two to three times a week 16/8 and sometimes 20/4 Two years ago I was off all meds including metformin. But last year was under stress and went back on it. My weight stalled so last visit with Endo he suggested I do KETO. I did not start it till 5 weeks ago and started losing weight so I have lost a total o 82 pounds and 22 to go for what the endo wants. Note: I never thought I would be back into size 12 clothes 8 years ago. Since 2010 those family members have all passed on. I have a great husband who learned to cook low carb meals. We have been married 45 years and he did not know how to cook till I became a diabetic 8 years ago. So for me LCHF fasting and KETO is what I have to do to stay of meds. Make a lot our meals with the instant pot. my blood sugars are running 71-93 and two hours after eating 105-115. I feel great. so that is my story with diabetes.

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