Cassi Whyte
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August 29, 2018
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History: I have been suffering from Gastritis.



I have studied nutrition and I regularly monitor my macro intake through the myfitnesspal app. I know exactly how many carbs I consume. I went from around 180g per day to less than half of that. Anything under 100g is considered low carb and I am consuming around 50-80g per day.

It is highly detrimental for your carbs to go too low. Especially for those like myself who suffer with adrenal fatigue. Carbs are essential, as long as they are the right kind. My carb intake is predominantly from vegetables. If I do have a sweet potato I will have half and it will be around 25g carb. And if I do have rice or quinoa which I don't do often it will be around 30-35g carb.

Gluten free / dairy free / sugar free / caffeine free / alcohol free

I eat for breakfast either veggie stew type thing or GF muesli with flax seeds

Lunch - chicken & veg soup or stew or chicken avocado salad

Dinner - either salmon & Veg or liver & Veg, sometimes sweet potato sometimes a small amount of quinoa. I eat grains but only a small amount of quinoa or brown rice, certainly avoid gluten. Fibre yes but not too much, this makes things worse. Fibre from veggies and ground flax seed. Too much fruit fibre bloats me.

Natural organic varied diet, no processed foods. Low carb yes but certainly not zero carb.  Unfortunately no eggs as they are binding and histamine.

What do I love?

I love a chicken lettuce avocado salad, with tenderstem broccoli, maybe even some flaked almonds or pine nuts... but for me I have noticed that if peppers or onions are ever added it causes me problems.

I have heard quinoa is great for breakfast, I haven't tried it myself as I'm happy with my occasional gf oats. I don't have it too regularly and it's only a very small portion.

I feel better but still have constipation issues but managing well. High dosing Vitamin C helps my regular bowel movement. It is work in progress with an infant and another baby on the way.

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